Lost and Found Ministries Presents

Bootcamp: Winning the Battle for Your Soul! (Men’s Edition)


“Bootcamp” is meant to offer hope and assurance that you too can be different.

Things happen in life. Disappointment, loss, heartache, betrayals. How does my mind process it? How does my heart handle it? Pain and loss get buried in our souls and need to be processed and grieved.

Bootcamp is about your inner world!

What do I do with these thoughts?

What do I do with these feelings?

Where are they coming from (the source)?

And how do my thoughts and feelings influence my behavior?

This is a practical and applicable program designed to help identify and process through life’s events and experiences. You will learn to pinpoint the source or root of your thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors and the feelings that often sit in the driver’s seat. It is about soul healing!


Bootcamp Calendar:

Spring Bilingual Bootcamp (7pm to 9pm)
March 20th – May 22nd

Fall Bootcamp (7pm to 9pm)
August 14th – October 23rd

Men’s Bootcamp
April 10th – June 19th, 2023